FREE SPIRIT-All the Shades of Darkened Light

Release date: Febuaray 28,  2014

Available at


  I just listened to the long awaited sophomore release from FREE SPIRIT "All The Shades of a Darkened Night", and it was well worth the wait! I first heard "LIVING TATTOO" and I thought to myself, the boys from Finland are back!!! What a rockin' tune and that was just the beginning! 

    The boys continue to rock with songs like "HYSTERIA, FEVER, and NIGHT OF PARADISE" then slow it down a bit with "SILENCE". But by far my two favorite songs are "CARRY ON and THE DEW OF THE ROSE". The hook in "DEW" is just amazing! The Whole CD rocks and the recording and production are top notch. If you'er a Free Spirit fan, you will not be disappointed, and if you're not already a fan...YOU WILL BE!!!


Sami Alho - vocals

Vesa Yli-Mäenpää - guitars & backing vocals

Marko Haapamäki - guitars & backing vocals

Sami Hämäläinen - bass

Pasi Koivumäki - drums

Timo Alho - keyboards

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 RAVEN X-Essence Without Light

Release date: March 13, 2013


   The highly anticipated debute CD, "Essence Without Light "   from RAVEN X  is a must have!

After listening  to their demos, the two songs I really wanted to check out first were  "Immortal Beloved & Take the Pain" 

I really love what they did with these songs, especially adding  the acoustic guitar to "Take the Pain",  it completed the song..

   The first single from the CD, "Angel of the night"...very dark and gothic. Khaos'  playing and production skills are  genius and we get to hear

 Nyx's  powerful growls. And on their cover of King Diamond's " Sleepless Nights ",  they nailed it, killer cover!  Nyx's  voice shines!

   This is their debut CD and just the beginning for RAVEN X, and I can't wait to hear to what's coming next!

Band members

Khaos - all instruments & music

Nyx - all vocals & lyrics

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TYRANTS BLOOD-Into the Kingdom of Graves 

Release date: July 26,2013

 2 words,  FUCKING BRUTAL!!!!

    The new CD from Tyrants Blood, "Into The Kingdom Of Graves"  has raised the bar for extreme metal.

From the first track, "Spiral Sea" to the last and title track, "Into The Kingdom Of Graves", I was blown away!

    This CD brings the thunder & should be in any metalhead's collection!

Tyrants Blood  is not just 4 guys in a band,  they are a metal machine!

Band members

Brian Langley- Vocals

Vinnie Borden- Bass & vocals

Marco Banco- Guitar

Matt Modder- Drums

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PROSODY-The Dawn of Brutality 

Release date: May 21,2013

Available at LAST.FM

    Hailing from N.E. Pennsylvania, comes  Prosody with their debut CD  " The Dawn of Brutality "  

From beginning  to end, this CD definitely brings the brutality!  Prosody delivers a punch to the teeth with  tracks like,

" the dawn of brutality & victim of the zodiac "  And I was really diggin' the heavy groove of  "cleansed in agony & end of your world "

    The song  that really stood out to me was " slave of addiction " .  Very heavy and you can hear just how tight this bands plays together.

All in all, this is TRUE METAL and I'm eagerly awaiting their follow up CD! 

Band members

Christopher Stroud - lead guitars/ bk vox

Christopher Rosenko - Guitars/bk vox

Robert Smith - Drums

Ken Ebersole - Vocals/Lyrics

Dave Morris - Bass

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