PROSODY-The Dawn of Brutality 

Release date: May 21,2013

Available at LAST.FM

    Hailing from N.E. Pennsylvania, comes  Prosody with their debut CD  " The Dawn of Brutality "  

From beginning  to end, this CD definitely brings the brutality!  Prosody delivers a punch to the teeth with  tracks like,

the dawn of brutality & victim of the zodiac "  And I was really diggin' the heavy groove of  "cleansed in agony & end of your world "

    The song  that really stood out to me was " slave of addiction " .  Very heavy and you can hear just how tight this bands plays together.

All in all, this is TRUE METAL and I'm eagerly awaiting their follow up CD! 

Band members

Christopher Stroud - lead guitars/ bk vox

Christopher Rosenko - Guitars/bk vox

Robert Smith - Drums

Ken Ebersole - Vocals/Lyrics

Dave Morris - Bass

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