As The Spires Fall

Release date:  TBA

                I'm in a very fortunate position, knowing the band and seeing them perform numerous times. So when I received a copy of their new CD "AS THE SPIRES FALL", needless to say I was already excited even before I opened it. The CD includes "HATECROWN ",  my personal favorite song from BEYOND FALLEN. It starts with a kick to the teeth and doesn't let up!  

               "THE GREAT DISTANCE " is the one song that absolutely blew me away. I can sum it all up with two words, TRUE METAL!  Joe's voice is pure gold and the song wouldn't be the same with any other singer. The energy and emotion from guitarists Steve and Greg can be heard in every note. Chuck (bass) and John (drums) bring the thunder and cement the power of the tune.                          

             This CD from start to end  is a prime example of dedication and discipline .  BEYOND FALLEN  has taken themselves and the genre to the next level with "AS THE SPIRES FALLS "  If you're a fan of true power metal this CD is a must have in any collection. If you're not a fan, YOU WILL BE!

Joseph Karavis - Vocals
 Steve Jasuilewicz - Guitar
 Chuck Donahue - Bass
 John Jesuele - Drums